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The Bourbon SL 28 Arabica Coffee variety that is the Java House Africa Kenya AA Coffee is one of the finest, must-have, verifiable single origin, specialty coffees that have no equal. And this is why: The Java House Africa Kenya AA coffee grows in the Kenyan highlands at a high altitude of above 4500 feet above sea level in red, well drained and acidic, loamy volcanic soils with just the right amount of rainfall and equatorial sunlight. This gives it that NICE BRIGHT ACIDITY that’s a hallmark of Kenyan Coffee. A well established and highly organized network of 150,000, largely small-holder coffee farmer cooperatives in Kenya ensures EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY CONSISTENCY in growing, wet process washing, sun drying and milling of the coffee. Java House Africa buys all its Premium Coffee from such farmer cooperatives that bring their members' coffee to a well developed and regulated auction system that ensures that FARMERS GET A FAIR PRICE on their coffee. The Premium Coffee Beans are then HAND ROASTED to a PERFECT MEDIUM ROAST with careful precision in Small Batches by well trained and experienced Master Roasters using an ISO certified roasting system to BRING OUT THE FINE QUALITIES IN THE EXCEPTIONAL COFFEE. After allowing for sufficient degassing the coffee is then PACKAGED FRESH IN PREMIUM ONE-WAY VALVE BAGS THAT GUARANTEE OPTIMAL FRESHNESS. The Perfect Cup – Served Hot or Chilled The Medium Roast profile of the Java House Africa Kenya AA Coffee brings out its Exceptional Qualities. It draws you in right from the INTENSE FRUITY FRAGRANCE to its FULL BODY, BRIGHT AND LIVELY GREEN APPLE-LIKE ACIDITY on first sip. The FRUITY BLACKCURRANT FLAVOUR and the WINEY, GRAPE-LIKE NOTES THAT LINGER ON IN THE SMOOTH AFTER-TASTE get more pronounced when you take it when not too hot. You get to know a really good coffee when it maintains its CONSISTENCY and BALANCE when hot, warm and cool. This particularly makes GREAT FOR ICED COFFEES TO BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT.

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